gas and electricity
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Purpose and goals
our company

One of the largest companies in Ukraine

NEXT company with many years of experience, is one of the largest players in the market of import of oil products and natural gas to the market of Ukraine.

Reliability and stability of the company

A wide range of partnerships with oil and gas companies of the European Union, the Republic of Belarus and Russia allow, within the framework of direct contracts, to import natural gas to Ukraine, as well as light and dark oil products that meet Euro standards and liquefied gas. The constant dynamic development of the company allows it to increase the scale of its activities and attract more and more new partners to cooperation.

Without intermediaries

We offer natural gas exclusively of our own import or purchased directly from producers in Ukraine and sell it to industrial enterprises of all regions of the country.

Team of professionals

We have a team of professionals with 5 years of experience in the oil and gas field of wholesale sales of all types of petroleum products.

our goal

creation of long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients and high-quality fulfillment of their obligations

our partner
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Competitive advantage
Why choose us?
  • Guaranteed provision of consumer limits on the first day of each month
  • Guaranteed individual discount for each client and low price in comparison with the prices of regional gas distribution companies and NAC
  • Possibility to adjust gas volumes during and after a month of consumption
  • Service of the highest level for the maximum convenience of consumers
  • Availability of any required amount of natural gas
  • Unquestioning fulfillment of the obligations assumed
  • Reliability, stability and responsibility in work
  • Individual approach to each counterparty
  • Possibility of individual payment schedule
  • Continuous development and professionalism
  • Flexible price policy
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Our team
  • Oleksandr Bashkalenko


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  • Helen Demchuk


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  • Dmitri Gubatenko

    Head of Power trading division

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  • Eugene Edin

    Treader Power trading division

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  • Anna Tsymbal

    Manager Gas trading division

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